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As far as swimming caps are considered, there are very many options. It is likely that you are wondering which swim cap comes with the highest ability to maintain dry hair, which swim cap will give you the value for the money you spend, and which one to settle for. To obtain the most suitable swim caps, it is necessary for you to factor in the following factors into your decision.

The first thing you must look at is your swimming frequency. If you swim daily, you will need a cap that’s durable. If you do not swim many times, you should go for a cap with the capacity to endure a long, lonely, likely moist week in the underside of your swim bag. In these two cases, you can’t go mistaken by selecting silicone. It is stretch-defiant thus more long-lasting for daily usage. I addition, it’s more forgiving even if it gets forgotten underneath a bag for many weeks. On the other hand, if you leave a latex swim cap for an extended time, it will at the end become a sticky, plastic-ey glop that bond undyingly to swimming suits as well as goggle lenses. Thus, in case durability is a thing that concerns you, then make sure you select silicone.

The second tip is that you need to consider water temperature. Is the swimming pool you are swimming in used for swimming classes or water workouts? Does the temperature of the swimming pool exceed 81 degrees? If you give the response ‘yes’ make sure you are extra careful when considering a silicone cap. The extra thickness silicone caps come with is not only durable but warm as well. Latex caps are somewhat thin, a thing that guarantees they will prevent you from over-heating as hastily as you’d if you wore a cap made of silicone. Inversely, in case your pool has low temperatures, it is likely that you require a swim cap that’s warmer and you cannot be on the wrong with silicone.

The third thing to check when buying a swim cap is the workout intensity. The hotness or coldness of a pool is not the only factor that determines the level of comfort you will have when in the water. In case you have to swim hard in a swimming pool with an 80 degrees F hotness, you will feel toasty regardless of which cap you put on. If you are exercising with veterans for a period of one hour or more, a latex cap is the best bet. In case you’re swimming casually, learning how to swim, or doing water aerobics, the extra warmth offered by a silicone cap may be necessary.

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